Sunday, November 16, 2008

Examples of moves for Tourrosa (and wiki site)

The rules for Tourrosa in the previous post are deliberately bare. I just wanted to state the rules, but indeed it is quite difficult to grasp a game without actually play it or see it played. For this reason I drew some examples of the action going on in a Tourrosa board.

Look at the examples or download the pdf (1 Mb and not so explanatory as the web page).

I had some fun making the images using Inkscape which is a freeware for vector graphics (they can't be that bad for a first experiment!).

Following the excellent suggestion by Marcos (thanks!), I started the site, which seems a better place for Nomignolov. As for now it is empty, having just the rules for Tourrosa, and the examples. I think I'll use this blog to announce things that I'll put or update there, or something of that kind! This will be a lot simpler that refer to older posts...


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