Monday, October 02, 2006

Nomv 0.8

A new version of Nomignolov: download it here!

More games. In this new version I added two more games: Hex and Tablut. I don't plan to add more games, but I'll focus on the code to write them. I'm starving to see scripts written by others. In version 0.9 I'll add a lot of auxiliary and API functions, so it will be a lot easier to add a new games.

Documentation. The English and the Italian documentation is updated with this version. Nomignolov_manual.pdf and Nomignolov_manuale.pdf are in the Nomv folder.

AI. Even if AI is not the main goal for this program (the main goal is to provide an interface), I played with minimax algorithm and now the program can play to a certain degree. In many games it's not strong, and in some games is too slow. I think that it plays well at Dao and at Wari.

Game info. For players too lazy to hunt for games rules, I added games information in the scripts. So now it's possible to read something about the game directly from Nomv.

As I said, I plan to release version 1 sometime around December.