Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Download Nomignolov 0.5

Nomignolov 0.5 is downloadable!
Just unpack it in a single folder. It doesn't require installation.
This is still a beta release. It's only in Italian, but the way to play may be quite obvious (or you can use internet to learn some Italian words...).
By the way, "Nomignolov" it's just the Italian word "nomignolo" (which means "nickname") with a "v" at the end, to mimic a Russian name...

Nomignolov is online!

This is the first house of Nomignolov!
Nomignolov is a program that provides a user interface to play at any boardgame described with a Lua script. At present Nomignolov (version 0.5) lets you play at:
  • Dao
  • Entropy
  • Conway's Soldiers
  • Tic tac toe
  • Wari
Nomignolov doesn't have an AI of any kind, so if you let it play, it just moves at random.
Nomignolov is quite a young project, as I've been working on it for only a few hours a week during the past four months.
It comes with a close documentation on how to add a new game. At present it's only in Italian, but I plan to translate it.