Monday, March 24, 2008

Screenshots of Version 1.3

The last screen shots where from Version 1, and they can still be found here. In this post, however, you can find screen shots from the last Version 1.3 "Cidrolin", which you can download from here, or by the button on the right menu.

Let's begin with the splash screen, which is nearly unchanged (can you find the difference?):

This is the main menu, from where you can select the game. Note the huge and ever-increasing list of possibilities!

If you select a game, let's say Tablut, Nomignolov lets you select which players are going to play the next match.

Wari is an old game. Nomignolov is quite strong at it!

This is Hex. It's a difficult game, and Nomignolov is clueless about it. Anyway you can play against someone else.

And here is a screen shot from a Cibilimny game. It's an addictive old style game where you have to put together 6 or more pieces of the same color, making them disappear and earning points. Each turn, three more pieces are fired on the board by rotating cannons, trying to clog you to lose the game. Try it!

That's all! Download the program and let me know!

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