Monday, February 11, 2008

Nomv 1.3 "Cidrolin"

This post is to announce the release of Nomignolov 1.3 Cidrolin!!!

As usual, it is impossible to list all the details that changed from version 1.2. The big new features are the handling of variants and of repetitions.

The general definition of variants allows scripts to have many levels, or different movements, or different winning conditions, etc.

By repeating a game between more algorithms, one can use Nomignolov to rank them.

Nomignolov 1.3 comes with a lot of new scripts:
  • A pair of scripts to edit and to play to Sliding block puzzles;
  • FootSteps and Intervalo, two beautiful bidding games with lot of algorithms;
  • Dominono, simple but beautiful game;
  • The addicting puzzle game Cibilimny, with score saving! Can you beat my 832 points?
The included manual in pdf is updated, so you can add your own games and puzzles!

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