Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Get involved!

Nomignolov 1.0 is coming in a few days! Moreover, December the first will be one year since when I started programming it, so I think it's the right time for other people to join the fun!

There are many ways in which you can help Nomv to grow. I'll list here a few, but you can be more imaginative!

  • Download Nomignolov and use it! Any comments and suggestions will be useful for future versions and improvements!
  • Write Lua scripts so to add new games! This is not so easy, because you will need to learn to program in Lua. Anyway, there are 10 scripts with Version 1.0 and a pdf document which explains in details the process of adding a new game. During the development of Nomv, I've changed the structure of the scripts many times, but from Version 1.0 I will take them as standard. Be the first to write a Lua script for a new game!
  • Spread the word about Nomv! The more people will play with it, the greater the chance that someone write new games.
  • Translate the documentation in your language, and keep it in your site with a link to Nomv. I have no time to keep the documentation updated in both Italian and English, so I chose the latter. Again, refer to Version 1.0, and let me know.
  • Help me with the blog! I updated a little it's appearance, but I wish to do a lot more: add surveys to see what people think about Nomv, which games they like/would like to see, what features will be fancy for the new releases, etc. And to manage/present new games submitted by fans, making links to rules, explains them briefly, etc.
  • Help me with the GUI. I don't plan to release the source code of Nomv right now, even if it's something I plan to do for the future. Instead, I made the GUI of Nomv nearly completely indipendent. When I'll end this, I plan to release the GUI (which is C++ and works with SDL) as a free library, so you can expand and improve it.
Show me what you can do!