Friday, February 09, 2007

Screenshots of Version 1

It is time to add some new screen shots of Nomignolov. This is an update of the old post showing how Nomignolov looked like in the ancient age.

First of all, the splash screen (I'm so proud of it!!):

Then, the image of the main menu, where the list of games is shown:

When you select a game, appears a menu with hopefully useful information about the game: rules, how to move, etc. The current player(s) can be changed via the option button "Change":

And now two games. The first one is Wari.

The second is Hex. This is the outcome of a randomly generated game. I wonder whether this will be a surrogate for a heads or tails round. At least, it doesn't seem a very unfair coin...

I know you hanker after more images like these. As usual, just download Nomv!


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