Tuesday, December 18, 2007


In recent posts I wrote about some experiments I made with Nomignolov. In particular, I implemented two simultaneous games (Intervalo and FootSteps) and even a small utility (an editor for Sliding Block Puzzles).

I am writing Nomignolov version 1.3, but it won't be ready too soon. I wished to post an intermediate version that you can download here. This beta version has a simple variants management. I disabled a new button for repeated games, which will be enabled next time (it's already functional, but quite wild). And it runs fullscreen (in version 1.3 this will be an option). And of course it has the scripts mentioned above.

Download it if you dare. Anyway, the current stable version is still available here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sliding block puzzles

Here you can download a short document where I explained how it is possible to add puzzles to Nomignolov (and this is not news) and also little utilities!

In fact here is a Lua script that let you edit Sliding block puzzles and save them in little txt files. And this other script reads such files and let you slide pieces, in the traditional Nomignolov graphics (the image represents the famous Forget-me-not puzzle):

How it is possible to have a single script and to manage a lot of different puzzles with it? I added in the script a vector with the variants. In this case the variants are the txt filenames, but in general this vector could list different game's mode.

The editor should run in Nomignolov version 1.2 Benbow, while the puzzle needs the get_variant() function. Anyway, I plan to release an unofficial release packed with these goods in a week or so. In the meanwhile, happy reading Sliding block puzzles and Nomignolov!