Saturday, November 24, 2007

FootSteps and Nomignolov

Well, well, well, it's raining contents! Here you can download a document I wrote about the tournament of FootSteps at BEER, the rule of the game, and how I used Nomignolov to help me find the best algorithm between the lot I thought of.

Here you can download document about Intervalo, the previous tournament, updated with the results.

This time I included some combinatorial counts about FootSteps, which you can easily skip if you are not interested, or you can enjoy if you are!

The algorithm I sent, Random Fractor, came 3rd in a tournament of 9! What a glory :-)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

FootSteps and Nomignolov (and this blog)

On the 18th of November another call for algorithms at Bits En El Ring (site in Spanish) will be over. This time the tournament will be about FootSteps, a little bidding game. You can play FootSteps online at vygames.

Like for the previous tournament of Intervalo, I used Nomignolov to test some algorithms and to help me decided which one was the best. And like the other time, I wrote an article with the whole story, hoping that someone will find it inspiring to use my program for misc abstract games activities! Unfortunately, but for obvious reasons, I can't publish it here before the deadline!!! :-)

I have not a lot of success in selecting a strong algorithms for BEER, but indeed I have a lot of fun!

Recently I added a counter in this blog from StatCounter. I started making some advs to my project (forum Lua, usenet, SDL site)...

I think that the current version, 1.2 "Benbow", is "complete": the goal stated in the blog's title (...provides a user interface to play at any abstract strategy game described...) is reached. Nomignolov has a lot of features, and is potentially a very interesting project.

I don't have a todo-list for version 1.3 (codename is secret!), but I have a lot of ideas. Anyway it seams to me quite pointless to add features that no-one will ever use... So, for the time being, I'll use Nomignolov instead of develop it. The resulting stories of my experiences will be summarized here and presented in the form of pdf files. Inevitably, I fear I'll include some boring mathematical details, but that I find interesting, and some Lua code.

If you have a comment on how this project could be handled, write it here or to me. And remember that collaborations (see this old but actual post) are always wellcome! My mail at is "JeanM_M".