Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nomv 1.0

Here it is, for your pleasure, Nomv 1.0!!!

Scripts. From version 0.8 to version 1.0 I focused on defining a standard for writing scripts to add new games. The zip contains the file Nomignolov_manual.pdf with complete information about the scripts: from the general structure to the coding details. The documentation is updated and I'm not going to make changes to the way scripts are used by Nomv. So you can finally take the manual, study it and add new games!

GUI. I've worked on the GUI, which now has a name (WON). It's nearly a stand alone library, which I will use for a simple utility program (more info to come!).

Misc. Lots of other things! I'm working on the code every time I can, and try to make things better. This version is not perfect, but I think it's enough to become 1.0. If you have any comments about my program, please let me know!