Saturday, May 27, 2006

About Nomv's short term future

My program is an hobby project. Nomv (hey, that's Nomignolov in brief!) is nearly completed. The program I had in mind can:
  • display a board in any shape or form;
  • let a human move pieces in the board according to game rules;
  • generate a random game according to game rules;
  • let anybody add a new game (and provide relevant documentation);
  • be download from the internet.
Well, I think Nomv 0.6 (beta) is that program! Version 1 will be nearly the same as this one, probably just with a nicer GUI, some more games, a well-kept documentation. But I need some feedback to do this (and maybe some help).

AI. Nomv doesn't have any AI and in the short term I don't plan to add one. My dream is to write, in the long term future, a general AI that make Nomignolov capable of playing at any given game better than with random moves. And this is not easy!

Script AI. In theory it's possible to write an AI for any game in the script. The function "list_moves" could check if it's up to the pc to move. In this case, the list of moves would be studied, and the function could return only the better one. In the near future I plan to add an optional function in the script that select the better move from the list. From Nomv it will be possible to choose among "Human", "Random" or "Script AI".

Linux. Nomv will be compiled for Linux soon.

Credits and help. In the near future I plan to add some optional variable to game scripts: the name of the game's inventor; a game description and some rules of how to move. I'll display this information in Nomv.

Download Nomignolov 0.6 (beta)

New version of Nomignolov is ready for download!
The real change in this version is not visible: I simplified the way to write scripts. Boards are now in absolute coordinates. For example, the first square of a tic tac toe board has coordinates (1, 1), and the last has coordinates (3, 3). Nomignolov rearrange the coordinates in pixel space.
I rewrote the scripts with all variables named in English, and added some comments, etc.
Nomignolov is still a beta version. This means that, if you find a bug, or have any criticism, suggestion, opinion, etc, you should tell me. This is as simple as leaving here a comment or writing a mail me: "jean" and ".morales" and "@" and "tiscali" and ".it".

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Some screenshots

Some screenshots from Nomignolov 0.5. It starts by showing a splash-screen (click to enlarge):

Here's the list of available games:

Here's during a Wari game:

And finally a finished Entropy game:

If you like to see more images like these on your pc, download Nomignolov and try it :-)

Monday, May 01, 2006

Nomignolov goes multilingual!

You can now download Nomignolov (still version 0.5) with a multilingual support. The documentation is both in English and in Italian. The documentation comes in two pdf files (English and Italian). The pdf files are proofs: I plan to re-read them carefully. Anyway they have all the most important informations and explains how to add a game.
You can change the language of Nomignolov from English (the default) to Italian simply by changing a line in Prefs.lua. With the same system it's possible to add more languages, by writing Lang_foo.lua.
Now scripts for a game must have English functions (like get_pieces, make_move, etc).
This post was written in a hurry. More to come.